Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Turning Forty; life is good and only getting better.

Why is the thought of turning forty such a big deal? Why does the age of forty bring so much dread? Forty seems to mark the end of youth and the beginning old age, but forty is not such a bad place to be. As Bob Hope once said, “She said she was approaching 40 and I couldn't help wondering from what direction”. As I approach my fortieth birthday, I reflect on the decisions and actions that brought me to this path in life. 

When I first thought about turning forty, I was focused on where I had expected to be at this point in my life. I was focused on my several failed relationships, my financial loss and struggles, and mediocre career. I became very depressed looking at all my failures. As I wallowed in self-pity, I allowed my thoughts to stew on all the things I didn’t have; no husband, no house, no financial security, and an unfulfilling career. I felt so old and unaccomplished.

I was pulled from my pit of despair by my best friend’s persistence of the progress I have made in the past few years to better understand myself and move in a more positive direction. After two years of self-discovery and growth I am ready to hit the restart button on my life. I have managed to set myself up for great new adventures and opportunities.

 I have put systems in place to improve my finances and become debt free in three years. I have increased my education allowing for more career opportunities. And although I am not in a relationship, God has exposed me to the errors of my past, provided me knowledge, and blessed me with discernment to allow the right person to come into my life. As I look at my life with new vision, I see that it’s pretty good and only getting better.