Thursday, February 28, 2013

A heartfelt reminder and proclaimation

The growth I have been experiencing is not only noticed by my readers, but also my closest friends. Below is a letter from a dear friend reflecting on my progress. The letter allows me to recognize my transformation.

To my dearest Anna,

You have the laughter that warms up the room and a look that lures people to you.  The light hearted attitude and the ability to accept others make you a magnet.  You are an attractive human; you work hard, achieve goals, embrace others, and give of yourself.  You have the heart of a servant.  
Along your path you have discovered those addictions which bind you.  Through this process, you found yourself exposing memories and reevaluating past actions.  Revealed aspects of who you are and how you got here.  You have been stripping down, exposing yourself and embracing the process of being broken down. You are naked. 
In your nakedness you are exploring the freedom and liberation of truth and enlightenment.  You accept the pain and understand that this pain is different than past suffering.  Past suffrage is a pattern, an addiction, a cancer.  Present pain is of acknowledgement, of understanding, of release, and of renewal. 
In your nakedness and liberation, be aware, the enemy is always near.  He will always be slithering around with sweat seductions, and open up easy roads back to destruction.  Be guarded and alert.  Do not be filled with pride or despair.  Do not attack your enemy alone.  Always seek our great Father, God.
Fill your life with good.  Seek ways to use your servant’s heart to serve the Kingdom.  Use your gifts to be the benefit and the light for others.  You are a blessing and your journey will be a testimony.
Fight with passion to break free from your chains.  When you get exhausted, seek out the Lord first.  When you need support, only seek out those who are in Christ.  Remember Proverbs 27:6; “Wounds from a friend can be trusted.  But an enemy kisses you many times (deceitfully).
My Blessings and My Declarations:
No longer does shame bind you in shackles, no longer will fear hold you in bondage, no longer will lies entrap you, and no longer will Satan seduce you. YOU ARE THE DAUGHTER OF A MIGHTY KING; NO LONGER WILL YOU BE ENSLAVED!

I proclaim this with love and admiration. 

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  1. You've come a long way!! Congrats!
    Love you,